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In February 2016, Banbury Operatic Society performed Sister Act to 5 sell out audiences! 


Philadelphia, Christmas Eve 1977, late at night after Curtis Jackson’s night club has closed. A singer and her backing group are singing for Curtis in the hope of becoming his next star turn in the Club. The singer – Deloris Van Cartier – a wannabe disco diva and also, Jackson’s mistress, is desperate to break into the music scene, but Curtis has other ideas and tells her to wait. He then compounds the insult by also telling her he will not be spending Christmas day with her, but gives her a gift as he leaves. The gift is not quite what Deloris was expecting, so in a fit of pique she decides to walk out on Curtis and follow her own road, but as she flounces out of the Club, she interrupts Curtis in the process of shooting one of his (not so trustworthy) gang of henchmen. In a panic Deloris runs straight to the Philadelphia Police department where she meets Officer Eddie Souther, a former fellow pupil and admirer of hers at High School. Curtis is well known to the Police as a criminal whom they cannot quite ‘nail’ so they will definitely need Deloris as a witness, but need to find a ‘safe house’ for her until they can bring him to court. Officer Souther, (still sweet on Deloris) comes up with the ‘perfect place’ and takes Deloris off to the Queen of Angels Church and Convent and asks them to give her sanctuary for a while. This does not find favour with either Deloris, or indeed Mother Superior, but as Monsignor O’Hara points out to the latter, the Church is on its uppers and the Philadelphia State Police Department are making a generous financial donation, which will stave off the closure for a little while. After a rocky start, Mother Superior decides that Deloris will join the Convent choir, currently under the leadership of Sister Mary Lazarus. The choir is not very good, but as Mother Superior says, with so few people in the congregation, who will notice? However, Deloris, who at the Convent is known as Sister Mary Clarence, works wonders with the choir, so much so that the people flock to Church each Sunday, the coffers begin to fill again as word gets out about the amazing singing. Unfortunately it also gets to the notice of Jackson! Curtis instructs his ‘gang’ of three’ to break into the Convent and get her back, they need to stop her from talking! Even to his hardened gang, this is a tall order! So, does Curtis find Deloris? Does Deloris find fame and fortune or something else in life? And does Officer Eddie Souther get the girl? Naturally all will be revealed during this evening, in the meantime, let the cast Take you to Heaven as they Raise their Voices and Spread the Love Around. 


Director: Janet Bishop

Choreographer: Ben Coleman

MD: Nick Perry

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